Everything that matters, all on one screen.
Just plug, play and play.
Skreens lets every device stream at once.
Your gaming console. Your cable box. Your blu-ray, Roku, PC and anything else you’re switching between — now all of it can come online at once.


So you can finish your work with the games on. Catch the top play while you make your signature move. Fire up a web browser without needing a computer. You can search, chat, post, or just study your opponent’s weaknesses before he comes out from behind that rock.


This is what Skreens does for you.

Just plug, play and play.

Total content convergence.
You’re already surrounded by content. On your phone, your tablet, streaming in from your cable box or Roku. Everything’s a distraction from just experiencing it all.
Skreens gets it all together so you never miss a moment.
2015-12-14_skreens refinement render.1639

The Skreens Plus4. Final product may vary.

Flawless quality. Amazingly small.
The Skreens Plus4

Connect any HDMI device and your Skreens Plus4 magically gives you precise layout and scale control while recommending social streaming widgets. The Plus4 comes with five HDMI ports — four inputs and one output — and wifi. So you can bridge your cable box and gaming console into your TV.


Built for everything you have in mind.
The Skreens Plus4 PRO

Want to add streaming to your unit? The Skreens Plus4 PRO delivers the same experience as the Plus4 but additionally adds direct one-button streaming to your favorite streaming service.  Simplify setup and enhance your audience engagement.

Want to go further? Chain together as many Skreens Plus devices as you want and bring them all together.
Multimedia Metering™
Skreens Controller for iOS, connected to SkreensOS
Everything at your fingertips.
The Skreens Controller for iOS and Android is your interface into SkreensOS. You choose the content — from HDMI inputs, from the Skreens App Engine or from anywhere on the web — and organize it exactly how you want.
Skreens allows you to save your layouts and keep as many as you want. Switching between them happens in an instant, so you can go from leaning forward in the game to leaning back to watch the game at the tap of a button.
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