Skreens for Commercial Applications

Commercial A/V applications need to deliver functionality and productivity quickly and on budget. With Skreens you can deliver high impact multi-screen experiences on a single screen.

Deliver common area video mixing live TV feeds with customized corporate messaging all on a single display. Install video walls in any place where you can fit a single display and Skreens will create the multi-screen video experience. Improve conference room productivity with always available on-screen help and multi-PC onscreen sharing.

Make high quality video production as Skreens provides a simple to use Broadcast studio in box putting together a single video stream mixing your video and web elements.

Flexible and Economical Digital Signage Solution

Skreens dramatically reduces display costs by showing up to HDMI 4 video sources on one display. No need to buy multiple monitors to show each source or install a dedicated display for custom web content. Skreens blends them all seamlessly.

Skreens video wall solutions are dynamic. Windows can resize automatically. At noon use a layout with an enlarged café menu and flip to a layout with windows of Live TV, corporate messaging and real-time production information.


Improved Conference Room Collaboration

The complexity of navigating different conference room source options (video conferencing, presentation, screen sharing, live TV, etc) often leads to frustration and lost productivity.   Skreens provides an on-screen interface of all the conference room functions making it easy to get to the right application and eliminating meeting downtime.

board room sm-50

Broadcast Studio in a Box

Sending out multiple video sources on one video feed is a snap with Skreens. Just create a layout with the mix of video sources and Skreens will stream the result. Produce professional quality video with powerful features like transparent video overlays, lower thirds, and a mix of video and web content. Skreens supports streaming to popular video sites like Ustream or you can stream to any site that supports IP network RTMP.


Skreens in Action

Get Skreens in your Commercial A/V Applications

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