Skreens for Smarthome

Skreens simple and powerful interface allows you to deliver experiences combining broadcast and streaming video, gaming, social media and Internet content, home automation and security feeds seamlessly combined on a single screen.

Increase customer satisfaction by making entertainment more enjoyable, news more informative, games more fun, and home automation more accessible.

Improve your revenues with Skreens; simply and amplify the value of all the services to your home entertainment solution.

Powerful and Personal

Skreens layouts organize multiple content sources on a single screen at once. Deliver compelling experiences your customers will love:

Sports – simultaneously show multiple live games on the big screen. Display fantasy stats and Twitter feeds.

News – stay up to date with all your favorite broadcast.  Combine TV with online sources on the same screen.

Entertainment – Watch your 2, 3 or more of your favorite shows at the same time and switch as the action changes.

Security – Pop-up a baby room monitor or doorbell cam as needed. More control, less intrusive.

Connected and Configurable

Skreens can connect multiple video sources including cable or satellite set-top boxes, streaming boxes (Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, etc.), DVD players, gaming consoles or any other HDMI source (like a security camera) to a large screen TV. Skreens has a built-in browser to display internet or social media content onscreen alongside video sources.

Incorporate in-home sources like security cameras, lighting and automation controls. Screens is integrated into Home Control systems like Control4 for easy configuration. Skreens can also be separately controlled via remote, smartphone or tablet.

Dynamic and Customizable

Skreens windows are intelligent and can appear based on events. While watching TV, the front door cam pops up in a mini-window when the bell rings. Windows move, resize or change transparency levels on command.

Skreens comes with default layouts for common use cases like sports, news, and gaming. Add new layouts that include your custom branding and graphics.

What Customers Are Saying About Skreens

HUGE KUDOS! My home theater is split into multiple screens at a time to appease everyone in the house. Kids play Xbox and PS4 while adults watch a movie. One of the greatest changes to my setup ever!
— C.B., Boston MA

I just wanted to say… it’s amazing!… the software is solid and it’s incredibly responsive. Very cool stuff.
M.B. Tulsa OK

I don’t know how I watched football without it . Multiple screens, audio switching, awesomeness.
— K.S., Austin TX 

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