The Skreens Plus
Available in standard and pro units — giving you the most control.
Skreens Plus Four
Blend HD sources together

Skreens is powered by patent-pending innovation at the silicon layer — the Skreens Media Accelerator™. This chip is designed and manufactured here in the United States and is one of the most powerful FPGA chips available, with the horsepower to blend together almost unlimited high definition streams into a single interface — all in real time. So you get zero lag along with the ability to customize virtually any part of the interface to combine windows from different devices or the web.

The Plus Four comes with four HDMI inputs and you can chain together as many as you need – chain together 2 four-port units together and put 8 HDMI inputs on a single screen if you want. With a built-in web browser and WiFi, you can put web content up on the screen next to your HDMI inputs.

Skreens Plus Four Pro
+ Add streaming H.264 output

With the Skreens Plus Four Pro, you can compress and stream without needing a compression card and a PC. The Plus Four Pro comes with dedicated H.264 compression hardware supporting both main and high profiles, 1920x1080p60 with IP network RTMP push to Twitch or YouTube. This is the first dedicated video hardware that allows up to 4 simultaneous HD signal sources with video compositing, transparency, chroma-key, layering, resize, repositioning and HTML background for and other custom scenes all within 1 frame time (average 10ms). No capture card required, no extra PC required.

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