Frequently Asked Questions
Updated November 1, 2015

Can I connect my Xbox, Wii, or PlayStation to Skreens?

Yes! With Skreens, you can connect multiple gaming consoles. Welcome to the LAN party of the future.

Can I watch live Twitch or MLG online channels?

Yes – Skreens enables you to have one or multiple gaming consoles and another window for a Twitch feed via your computer or other streaming device like Google Chromecast. Play your favorite games while getting tips from the pros!

Is there any latency with Skreens?

The latency is imperceptible for EVERY INPUT. Your gaming experience will be the same as if you were playing directly on your console or device.

How many game consoles (and PCs) can I connect?

The Skreens Plus Four has up to 4 HDMI inputs, and will allow you to select the size and layout of each individual screen to customize your gaming experience.

Will Skreens work with an external HDMI adapter?

Yes – you can use an external HDMI adapter to connect to your TV.

Can I manage my sports games and fantasy team stats?

Yes! You can watch the game and have your stats up side-by-side – no more switching back and forth between your TV and computer. You can even view multiple games on one screen so you can keep track of all your fantasy teams. All controlled from the comfort of your couch.

Is Skreens only good for sports?

Of course not! Gamers, Families, Home Office Users and so many more will love what SkreensTV has to offer. Skreens will work with any HDMI or Internet enabled device – TV, DVD/Blu-Ray Players, gaming consoles and computers. The possibilities are endless.

Who is Skreens made for?

Anyone who wants to personalize and better control their TV entertainment experience. Anyone who wants to get more use and benefit from equipment they already own and services they’ve already paid for. Anyone who has ever dreamed of blending TV and Internet. Anyone who has ever wanted to watch, play, stream, surf and socialize on TV – like never before.

How many programs can you watch on the same screen?

With Skreens, you can watch up to four HDMI feeds on your HDTV, in addition to a built-in internet browser. We do not recommend watching video with the built in browser – its more made for browsing and social media.

How do I control Skreens?

Via the Skreens app on any tablet, smartphone or computer. This allows you to select your preferred layout, window size, audio output, favorite web pages and much more.


You can download the controller application from the Google Play or iTunes stores now!

Will Skreens have a separate remote control?

The Skreens app will turn any tablet, smartphone or computer into a universal remote. You will be able to connect to all of your devices and control them through the app.

What if I don't feel like getting our my iPad or tablet?

No problem – Skreens Plus Four will store a default layout that you get to configure or you can use the convenient front panel push button to change layouts… making your TV as simple as the plugging in of a cable or the push of button.

How can I customize the Skreens layout?

SkreensTV will have 12 default layouts and background images with the ability to select others from the SkreensTV App Store. You’ll also be able to customize and save your own unique layouts to use for different situations. The limit is your imagination with SkreensTV.

Can I stream from the Internet?

Yes. A browser is built into Skreens, however we don’t recommend streaming video with it. You can read the news, Facebook, tweets. Anything on the Internet is at your fingertips.

Won't it be distracting to have so much content on one skreen?

With Skreens, you’ll be able to watch multiple streams of content at the same time, but if at any time you want to focus in on one particular screen, you can. Think of it as having multiple tabs open in your browser – you can close them all out, or focus in on one whenever you want to.

How will I be able to hear all the different content streams at once?

Your primary Skreen’s audio will be played on your main speaker system. In the layout, you can select which input is the audio output in the initial product release.  A future release of the product will allow you to mix audio inputs together as one unified output out the HDMI interface.  Future release will also output the audio via the microphone/headphone jack and ethernet/wifi.

How do I connect Skreens?

Your primary Skreen’s audio will be played on your main speaker system. Other SkreensTV can be fed to your wireless audio headsets. Each Skreen has its own wireless audio channel that you can direct to play on any device you want via WiFi or Bluetooth.

Can I get a refund?

Pre-orders are not refundable. By making a contribution to this campaign, you acknowledge that you understand that you are contributing to a work-in-progress and not making a direct purchase.  See Kickstarter Terms of Use.

How do I choose more than one perk?

The Indiegogo system is not set up to choose multiple perks. If you would like to choose more than one perk, you will need to initiate a separate process for each pre-order. If you encounter difficulties, please email and use “NEED HELP WITH ORDERING” as the subject line.

How can I bulk order a large number of units?

For all bulk order inquires, please email and use “BULK ORDER INQUIRY” as the subject line.

Bulk Orders: do you have a discount for large orders?

For all bulk order inquires, please email and use “BULK ORDER INQUIRY” as the subject line.

How can I check my order status?

If you have questions pertaining to your order, please drop us a note to

When will Skreens ship?

We’re planning to start shipping Skreens to our crowdfunding supporters in March 2016. Actual ship dates may vary. The Skreens Team will keep you updated of your Skreens ship date via our community forum located at the Skreens Community Forum

Why do I have to wait so long?

You’re helping us to build the device, and we need to know how many to make before we can start production. Skreens is the first of its kind, and you’ll be glad you waited. We will send you updates while we work to produce Skreens.

Where does Skreens ship?

We plan to ship to all countries, however the set-up language is all in English. If we find that we cannot ship to your county, we will work to refund you the amount minus the credit card processing fees and Indiegogo platform fees.

How do I add $30 for International shipping?

International shipping is a choice when you check out on the kickstarter campaign page.

What are the dimensions and weight of Skreens?

Technical specifications are subject to change and are intended to represent a general illustration of the product and its features. Height: 3.9 inches (99 mm) Width: 7.95 inches (202mm) Depth: 3.2 inches (81mm) Weight: 0.75 pound (.34 Kg)

Does it come in black?

Skreens units for the Kickstarter are available in blue, red, black and a special early edition Twitch purple.

Will my device resolution suffer using Skreens?

No, all video sources are played back at 1080p60. You will have the same base native resolution and be able to make any Skreen the size you want. You can look at your content stream (TV/Movie/Game) full screen or split the HTDV screen in two or however many you want. Each screen can be sized the way you want without loss of quality. And if you have a 4k TV, you will be able to watch each input without loss of resolution.

Does Skreens support 3DTV?


What audio support is available?

Skreens supports audio output via the HDMI interface.  The PRO unit will additionally support audio mixing of input sources.

Will Skreens have build in memory?

Yes. Skreens will have built in memory to store your apps and layout preferences, as well as pictures and videos.

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